AGV K-5 Review

Date Reviewed - January 2019                                                 Reviewed by - Eleanor                                              Price - £220-280

If you’re looking for a new full-face motorbike helmet, The AGV K5-S is the latest in the AGV range and is a fantastic follow on from the K5 model. The K5-S is a full-face crash helmet designed for sports and touring and meets all requirements perfectly. There was a gap in the AGV product line for them to release a mid-range helmet, that would appeal to a wide audience at an affordable price. Launched in 2017 at a price of between £220 and £280 they have certainly achieved this. There are a couple of negatives to mention but they don’t impact on the overall quality of the AGV K5-S. Particularly impressive features of this motorbike helmet include a carbon fibreglass shell and an EPS lining giving it some excellent safety ratings, a fully controllable ventilation system, a supremely easy to use dual visor, and unbeatable levels of comfort from its improved liner and lightweight design. Make sure you give this motorcycle helmet serious consideration. 


Safety first must surely be an AGV motto, as their reputation for producing some of the safest crash helmets has been reinforced once again with the AGV K5-S. The helmet has received a SHARP four-star rating and considering the extremely small number of helmets that currently exist on the market with five stars, that is a great result. Furthermore, it is ECE and DOT rated which doesn’t leave much to desire!

The shell itself is a carbon, fibreglass composite which means it is very strong without losing any comfort, as the combination of materials is also very lightweight. One feature that sets the AGV K5-S apart from other helmets, is that AGV have used four different densities of polystyrene lining inside, otherwise known as the EPS lining, which will help to absorb shock more efficiently in the event of a collision. This must give great peace of mind to those travelling on busy highways. The K5-S also has an improved lower profile and padding compared to the K5, which helps to reduce collarbone damage in an accident. It is also important to note that the AGV K5-S motorcycle helmet has double-D fastenings which further improve the safety of the helmet; allowing easy adjustment for the rider as well as keeping manufacturing costs and therefore product price low.


The AGV K5-S ventilation system has received very few negative reviews from users. It consists of two chin vents, two brow vents, a crown vent and a rear exhaust vent. The rear exhaust vent has been cleverly installed beneath a rear spoiler, which further helps it to remove warm air from the helmet. The fact that the vents are closable is a huge plus for this helmet, as it allows the user to control the level of air circulating through the helmet and therefore the temperature and noise levels too. This will have a positive impact on your overall comfort whilst using it, and makes it stand out from a lot of its competitors whose users suffer from a lack of closable vents.

 The interior of the AGV K5-S has been designed to push the airflow into the well-placed vents. The only complaint that have been received regarding the ventilation system, is that the brow vents can be difficult to find and open if you are wearing gloves, as they are smooth and closely fitted to the main body of the helmet. The chin vent is also difficult to locate and operate as it is underneath and inside the helmet. However, most people have commented that with practice, you get used to the positioning of the vents and operating them ceases to be an issue in time.


On to the visor. The AGV K5-S visor has been condemned for being a little short in height, however compared to other motorbike helmets it is wider and therefore helps with peripheral vision. The main visor on the AGV K5-S protects the user from UV light however it also features a separate, internal sun visor which is a real plus, especially when touring. Some say that the sun visor is a little too pale, however this is a common complaint for many sun visors, due to the fact that manufacturers have to meet tight regulations in this area. The AGV K5-S comes with a Pinlock anti-fog insert for its visor unlike the K5. Although some users have mentioned that the Pinlock can enter their line of vision, it is crucial technology to help avoid your visor fogging up which could have disastrous consequences. Other great features include being able to remove it without tools, saving time and space, and potential loss of parts. Lastly, AGV have created their own quick release visor system called the XQRS GT2 for this motorbike helmet which makes visor removal even easier for example at petrol stops.

Wind Noise

For a start, the AGV K5-S has been wind tunnel tested which is always a good judge of quality, to help the manufacturers create an aerodynamic helmet which in turn reduces wind noise and resistance. This is particularly important for a touring helmet which is often exposed to motorway speeds. They have definitely achieved this whilst also retaining an aesthetically pleasing design, easily recognised by the pointed shape which is typical of AGV helmets. The integrated rear spoiler is an addition that has been made to further reduce wind noise, which you don’t find on all helmets. As with most motorcycle helmets, opinions on wind noise is a matter of individual preference, and the AGV K5-S is no exception. Many believed it to be good at noise cancelling however if you feel that it is a little loud, a set of ear plugs will do the trick.

Appearance and Comfort

In terms of appearance, the AGV K5-S doesn’t fall behind its competitors at all, with 20 colour options to choose from. You can choose anything from Matte Black to bold, primary colour patterns and flag combinations to create the helmet that most suits you. In terms of comfort, the largest size of this helmet weighs in at 1.55kg which is slightly heavier than average, however the medium size is closer to 1.4kg which places it in the ‘light helmet’ category. Overall, we’d say that weight really isn’t an issue for this model, which is great for touring at motorway speeds as your comfort would not be sacrificed.

 Although there are only two shell sizes, there are six sizes of fit and the fitting is spot on meaning no nasty surprises when you get it home. The AGV K5-S has been designed to fit a universal range of head shapes. The K5-S also has an improved comfort liner compared to the K5, mainly due to a smoother finish. The liner is fully removable and washable which is a great plus for those of you who value hygiene, and it is made from AGV’s Dri-lex moisture wicking material to ease any discomfort caused by sweat. Users have feedback that the chin pads stay pressure free for the entirety of a long ride, which is great for a touring motorcycle helmet. Furthermore, there are glasses grooves; a common requirement for a lot of users now. Some have mentioned that their glasses can feel a little tight at first, but this soon eases over time. One other negative to mention is that for some users, the Velcro that attaches the lining can sometimes rub, however this can be easily adjusted. The AGV K5-S motorbike helmet has an overall reputation for being one of the most comfortable helmets available.


To conclude, the AGV K5-S is one the best crash and touring helmets on the market, with safety and comfort features that set it apart from its competitors. This helmet is incredibly safety conscious as is typical of AGV model, which makes it ideal for sports, with its innovative EPS lining, double D fasteners and excellent safety ratings. Its supreme comfort features include carefully designed interior padding, sizing and controllable ventilation system as well as a lightweight composition, all making it great for long journey touring. There are some negative features for example uncomfortable Velcro fastenings and difficult-to-find vents, however the majority of the problems outlined above can be worked around leaving way for the positives which far outweigh them. For example, the easily detachable visor and integral sun visor as well as the rear spoiler, all contribute towards its versatility. Overall, AGV have made an excellent product to fit the mid-range gap in the market and at such a reasonable price, it deserves a solid 8 out of 10.