Bell Moto 3 Review

Date Reviewed - January 2019                                              Reviewed by - Ella                                                       Price - £190-250

Bell are known for creating excellent quality helmets, and the Moto 3 doesn't disappoint. The original Bell Moto 3 was launched in 1971, and the  21st-century version shows a lot of new improvements. With a gorgeous retro appearance and fantastic build quality, this motocross helmet is built to protect your head while still looking good. It comes with a DOT and ECE approval as well as a five-year warranty to provide the rider with peace of mind.


The Bell Moto 3 comes ECE 22.05 and DOT tested, so it meets all modern safety standards. It has a fibreglass shell which is a much better material to use for a helmet due to it's lightweight, yet still durable. Unfortunately, the Moto 3 has not yet been SHARP tested, this is a factor which may put some riders off. That said, SHARP have tested a few of Bell's fibreglass shell helmets and they have each received an average of 4 out of 5 stars so we would expect this helmet to score something similar.  

The inside of the Moto 3 is made of polystyrene EPS padding which is a fantastic material to keep your head protected. This material is also on the chin bar of the helmet, which increases comfort and provides extra protection for the wearer. The Double D ring fastener is also a great safety feature to help keep the helmet securely on the riders head.


The Moto 3 has diagonal vents by the mouth of the rider to allow fresh air to get inside the helmet quicker. It doesn't have vents on top of the helmet, but this isn't a huge issue due to the large hole at the front of the helmet. Ventilation for motocross helmets is generally good since plenty of air can get through the front face hole. If having proper ventilation in a helmet is an essential factor for you, try a motocross helmet rather than a full faced helmet. Since there is a huge hole in the front for your goggles and face, this allows much more air to get up and into the helmet, which should prevent the rider from getting really hot and sweaty.


Since it's a motocross helmet, it doesn't feature a visor. However, the Moto 3 does have a large aperture to fit a large pair of goggles. Not having a visor means there is no risk of steam building up, so your vision will always be good with a motocross helmet like the Bell. The helmet also has a sun visor on top of the helmet to help keep the sun out of the riders eyes. It's tied on with 5 bolts and it's pretty sturdy, so don't worry about it coming loose at any point during your ride. Compared to some of Bell's other motocross helmets, the visor is a little on the cheap side however this is not a huge issue when you're wearing the helmet.

Wind Noise

 Considering it has a huge hole for your goggles, the wind is obviously going to get trapped here and therefore cause some noise. That said, the Moto 3 actually holds an excellent reputation for wind noise, with most riders stating how impressed they are with the noise levels. If you're looking for a quiet helmet, a motocross helmet probably isn't your best option. 

Appearance and Comfort

A huge selling point of the Moto 3 is the comfort levels. To keep up with the retro style, the inner lining is made out of plush terry-towelling. It's anti-bacterial and moisture wicking, so if you're concerned about hygiene, this helmet may be for you. Of course, it's fully removable and machine-washable so it won't be an issue when you need to wash it. If you're buying a pricier helmet with a few more graphics, you may get a fake leather interior, rather than terry towelling. The paintwork on the Moto 3 is pretty unique, Bell have clearly learnt that low quality helmets scratch the paint off easily and the Moto 3 can withstand scratches pretty well. Of course, if you were to drop the helmet, the paintwork may deteriorate.

When you're wearing the Moto 3 it may feel a little tight. Due to the use of high quality materials, the motorbike helmet keeps its shape tightly fit to your head, which has benefits for comfort as well as safety. If you wear glasses, you may consider sizing up because the glasses stems may press into your head whilst you're riding, causing a huge amount of discomfort! When you're trying the helmet on, you should also bring the goggles you want to wear with it. Some riders complain that certain goggles don't fit particularly well in the face hole so you need to try them both at the same time to ensure you're happy with the combination. The Moto 3 comes in three different shell sizes which will fit 6 of the various interior linings. It's a lightweight helmet, coming in at around 1.4kg, so you shouldn't experience any problems with the weight of this helmet. Bell have suggested this helmet will fit oval shaped heads the best, due to the fitment of the shells. So if you have an oval shaped head, you should probably go and try this helmet on!

The Moto 3 is a pretty retro looking helmet, known for its simple design and shape. If you wanted to keep to the primary colours such as red, white or black, Bell provide that option. However, if you want to make a statement with your motorbike helmet, Bell also offer an awesome range of helmets with some pretty cool graphics.


There's no denying the Moto 3 is a good looking, retro helmet, especially if you decide to spend a little more and get one with some cool graphics on. It'll cost you around £190-250 depending on what design you choose, so it's not cheap but you're buying into the style for the Moto 3. You can certainly feel the outstanding Bell quality when you're wearing the helmet however, some aspects of this helmet are a little weak, especially considering how much you're paying. If you want a good looking, lightweight motocross helmet, the Moto 3 will suit you perfectly. If you've got the oval head shape to fit this, it's going to help protect your head pretty well in a crash so you really should go check it out.