Best Flip-Front Motorcycle Helmets of 2019 – Reviewed & Tested

Often, motorcyclists will struggle to find a helmet that can offer them everything that they want. The helmets that offer the most protection tend to be quite restrictive for the rider, while the comfortable helmets that make riding more enjoyable usually come with some compromises on safety.

However, flip front helmets offer a friendly alternative to people that do not feel secure enough wearing an open face helmet but also find that full face helmets are too confining. Usually, the best flip front helmets will combine elements of both open faced and full faced helmets to create a
happy medium for those that are looking for the best of both worlds. Furthermore, the best flip front helmets can also be dual-homologated, meaning that they are legal to wear even when the chin guard is in the up position. This can allow riders to take a break from constantly riding with their whole head covered and can make it easy to have a conversation with someone while wearing the helmet. Therefore, flip front helmets offer a great advantage to those who occasionally like to ride with a bit more freedom while still having the features of extra protection there if they need them.

In addition to this, flip front helmets maintain most of the important safety features that commonly attract people to buying full faced helmets. Of course, full faced helmets are formed as just one piece of equipment, and some would argue that the moving parts of a flip front helmet compromise its safety to an extent. However, flip front helmets do still offer full facial coverage when the chin guard is down so there shouldn’t be too many concerns regarding protection. Moreover, the best flip front helmets will have extra strong adjustable chin guards that offer the same amount of protection (or even more) as many full faced helmets.

The most attractive element of flip front helmets is the element of choice that they offer motorcyclists. Since a high-quality motorcycle helmet is likely to set you back a reasonable amount of money anyway, you want a product that can succeed in every desired area. However, if you’re somebody that likes feeling protected when riding fast but also occasionally likes to enjoy the freedom of feeling the wind on their face, then flip front helmets are the only helmets that can give you what you need.

Thankfully, the best flip front helmets will not only be safer than a lot of full faced helmets but will also allow you to legally ride with the chin guard flipped up. They manage to provide elements of both open and full faced helmets and are a great option for anyone looking for a well-rounded helmet.

Helmet Name





Shoei Neotec


Flip Front

Caberg Tourmax


Flip Front

Schuberth C3 Pro


Flip Front

Scorpion ADX-1 


Flip Front