Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets of 2019 – Reviewed & Tested

When it comes to the helmet worn while riding a motorcycle, some riders will only wear a certain type of helmet. Whether it be a preference for open faced helmets over full faced or vice-versa, some people only know one way, while others like to mix it up every now and again. However, some riders simply can’t stand the enclosed nature of full faced helmet, which is why they prefer to look for at open faced helmets instead.

The main reason why people tend to go for open faced helmets is for the freedom they offer the rider. Without a shell that covers the entirety of the head, open faced helmets lets the rider glide along on their bike with the wind flying past their head, just as nature intended. Open faced helmets can be paired with a pair of goggles in order to prevent the wind from bothering the eyes, although the very best open faced helmets can often come with a clear visor that makes the use of goggles unnecessary. This way, you can still have the freedom typically offered by open faced helmets without having your eyes bothered by the wind.

Open faced helmets, as compared to full faced alternatives, are often much more comfortable for the rider to wear. While full faced helmets tend to restrict the amount of headroom and can leave a rider feeling quite contained, open faced helmets don’t face this problem at all and give the rider more space. Not only that, but the best open faced helmets will be specially designed to be as comfortable as possible, and they are renowned for being the most pleasant type of helmet to wear.

An attribute of open faced helmets that motorcycle riders tend to appreciate is the vision they offer compared to helmets with full facial coverage. By not limiting the rider’s peripheral vision, open faced helmets can give you more awareness of your surroundings while you ride, which can help you to feel more secure and in control on your bike. Providing a wider field of view can also make riding feel much more natural, which adds to the enjoyment of taking your motorbike out for a ride. Therefore, some motorcycle enthusiasts simply cannot make the switch from open faced helmets to another type of helmet, as they can’t quite get the same level enjoyment from a helmet that covers their whole face as they can with the best open faced helmets.

Another advantage of open faced helmets is that they are usually the most affordable type of helmet. While some people would argue that this is the result of other types of helmet offering more protection, the best full faced helmets will have extra safety features that give the rider more security in the event of a crash or a fall. Either way, many of those that prefer open faced helmets to helmets that are ‘safer’ will argue that they are willing to sacrifice that added protection for the enhanced freedom offered by many of the best open faced helmets. And the fact that open faced helmets are (on average) cheaper than other helmets is simply an additional bonus.


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Open Faced

Shoei J Cruise


Open Faced

Caberg Ghost


Open Faced

Duchinni D501


Open Faced



Open Faced