BOX BX-1 Plain Review

Date reviewed - December 2018                                      Reviewed by - Sarah                                                       Price -  £45

Choosing the right helmet can sometimes be quite difficult, especially if you are a beginner and you are looking to have all the essential features all in one. As we all know, the helmet is the most important part of having a motorbike, no matter the design or the brand of the vehicle. Looking for a budget friendly helmet? Then the BOX BX-1 may be the one for you. Ranging from £45-£59, this full-faced helmet provides you with the capability and quality you are looking for when it comes to the safety aspect, the ventilation and the overall price.


Earning itself a staggering 4 out of 5 rating for the SHARP testing, the Box BX-1 is a helmet which stands out with its fantastic levels of protection it provides the wearer. When it comes to the outer layer of the BX-1, the use of thermoplastic material will help protect your head in an accident if the worst were to occur. With the helmet being made out of tough thermoplastic, it offers durability and impact protection. Adding the aesthetic of a metallic finish, it is quite an appealing product that will no doubt attract the attention of anyone interested in buying a helmet, as well as also being on a budget.

The BX-1 also consists of Micrometric Fasteners, which is a key feature and is a common way that motorbike helmets can be fastened. This method provides stability when worn and more importantly, it's easy to loosen if you find yourself in an unfortunate position of being involved in an accident. Located at the bottom, is a quick release chin strap, which makes it easier for you to be able to adjust the fit accordingly to how you would like it.


The amount of air that is able to enter a helmet helps you determine whether it can keep you cool in the hotter months or even long drives. With a product like the Box BX-1, above the visor where one vent it located, the ability to open and close the vent by sliding it across is appealing to users. The vents also help to minimise the amount of steam that can enter, so you won’t have difficultly seeing where you are going, especially at night.

On the front, near the chin area there is a large vent which is conveniently placed. When travelling, you can raise it manually if you want more air. You can do this easily whether you have motorbike gloves on or not! Two more vents can be located on the back and the top, to help hot air escape so the BX-1 is a pretty well ventilated helmet.


 On the left hand side of the helmet, the quick release visor mechanism on the BX-1 allows you to raise the visor easily. When it comes to being able to remove the visor, the leaver on the side enables you to push in the tab and remove it quickly and easily, thanks to the quick release mechanism. The helmet doesn't have a pinlock insert or an anti-fog insert either. However due to the low cost of this helmet, it's expected. Not having a pinlock can cause issues but if spray the visor with some anti-fog spray, you should be good to go.

The BX-1 also has a built in nose guard which can be removed if it restricts your view at any point and if you don't wear glasses, you may as well do this.

Wind Noise

Just like any helmet, noise can be heard while travelling at a fast speed. When the visor is closed on the BX-1, not much sound can be heard. It effectively handles the sound of the road and other weather conditions. There are always ways in which you can help reduce the noise if you do personally find it too noisy. There are no ear pads fitted within, so you may want to look into investing in a set of earplugs, to help minimise the sound.

Appearance and Comfort

Having padding in a helmet helps keep the position when worn, as well as contributing to the safety aspect. The BX-1 gives you the support that you need. However, it doesn't come with a chin curtain and the inner pads are not removable; therefore, they cannot be replaced. This makes cleaning pretty difficult to do, however for around £50, you can't complain too much.

The design is quite simple and comes in a range of colours and paint schemes available, including black, white and blue, so you can find the right one to fit your style. That said, the safety and comfort of this helmet are far more important than appearance! If you wear glasses while wearing the BX-1, slots are situated on either side for the frames to rest on comfortably.

It's a fairly lightweight helmet, coming in at 1.55kg, which is standard for a helmet made out of thermoplastic. Since it's pretty light, you shouldn't encounter any problems with it being uncomfy or weighing your head down. One size fits all with the BX-1, covering the sizes from XS- XXL so you'll find a size that fits your head well.


For being a budget friendly helmet, the BOX-BX 1 does provide you with the basic levels of protection for your safety and is great value for your money, at the affordable price of £45 (depending on the design). A helmet is an investment that every motorcyclist needs however if you don't want to spend a lot of money, this helmet is perfect for you.

If having features like a GPS tracker or Bluetooth speakers is an essential requirement for you when it comes to purchasing a helmet, this may not be for you. On the other hand, some features like the ability to wear glasses while riding and the micro-metric fastener puts the BX-1 at an advantage, performing surprisingly well than other helmets that cost double its price.