Caberg Ghost Review

           Date Reviewed - January 2019                             Reviewed by - Ella                                               Price - £200-300         

If you're looking for an open faced helmet, the Caberg Stunt may be the one for you. It comes ECE approved, looks cool and comes pinlock ready (something most open faced helmets don't offer). It has a rotating visor which makes it easy to flip up and down, not to mention the bug guard which protects your mouth from unwanted visitors! Like most Caberg helmets it comes with a 1 year warranty and a fully removable and washable interior lining.


The Caberg Ghost is a sound helmet when it comes to safety. It's been ECE 22.05 approved so immediately this shows its a safe helmet and will offer a decent level of protection for the wearer. Caberg have also earned themselves a fantastic reputation with regards to safety, so you can't really go wrong buying from them. That said, this helmet is open faced which means it may not be the safest helmet on the market. If you're buying an open faced helmet to protect you from high speed crashes, you're buying the wrong helmet. SHARP haven't (and won't!) test any open faced helmets due to the fact that they don't offer as much protection as a full faced helmet would. Depending on what sort of roads you ride on, and the speed you're going, will decide which helmet shape you need. 

The Ghost looks pretty cool which is what attracts buyers. It comes with a micrometric fastener which will help keep the helmet securely on your head in an accident. If you were to have any issues with the helmet, it comes with a 1 year warranty which is pretty poor considering most helmets usually come with a 5 year warranty.


Due to the Ghost being an open faced helmet, it doesn't need any vents. You get a decent amount of air flow from the helmet, even with the bug guard in place. The bug guard helps the prevent the air blowing into your mouth and of course, stops unwanted creatures entering too! Since the helmet doesn't have a chin vent either, when the visor is down, you'll still get plenty of air coming into the helmet. 

Since there are no vents, your head may begin to get a little sweaty which might be an issue if you're riding for long periods of time.


The Caberg Ghost comes with a rotating visor rather than a goggle system. Caberg have also included a max vision pinlock double lens which is anti-fog and anti-scratch. Finding an open faced helmet which is pinlock ready is rare, so the Ghost certainly earns some brownie points here. Being anti-scratch resistant, means if you were to drop your helmet, the visor wouldn't get scratched. Having a pinlock means the Ghost is really effective at keeping rain and dirt from getting into your eyesight. It's super easy to attach and remove making it a great asset to the helmet. The spring-loaded visor system means it's easy to flip the visor upwards. When you pull the visor slightly forwards, it can be rotated up onto the helmet. 

The visibility you get from the Ghost is outstanding, especially for an open faced helmet. If you ever need to remove the visor, it's a little tricky to do however the Ghost is certainly not designed for the rider to wear the helmet without a visor! Caberg sell a few different options if you wanted to purchase a tinted visor. If you do choose to remove the visor be careful you don't lose the springs and be careful not to snap anything, the plastic is brittle and a little flimsy. It's important to note that the Ghost doesn't come with an internal sun visor though.

Wind Noise

Since the Caberg Ghost is an open faced helmet, you may be expecting for it to be slightly noisy. However, the wind noises levels are generally quiet, probably due to the fact there are no vents on the helmet. Inevitably at the bottom of the helmet, wind does enter and causes a small amount of noise, especially if you're on a motorbike without a large windscreen. However if you're on a bike with a big screen, you shouldn't have many issues with noise. We recommend you wear high quality earplugs with any helmet, if you want to help eliminate noises while you're riding.

Appearance and Comfort

The Caberg Ghost, like most good helmets, comes with a removable, machine washable lining which is anti-microbial and breathable. This means if the helmet does begin to get a bit sweaty, you can wash it easily. Caberg have created this helmet in two shell sizes so you should be able to find one that fits you well. It's a comfortable helmet that feels good to wear since it only weighs a mere 1.15kg. The neck roll is made from leather according the Caberg which also makes for a comfy wear.

If you're looking for a helmet which has lots of different colours and graphics to choose from, you won't find that with the Ghost. It has a simplistic design which some people comes in white and black, and if you want to pay a little more, you could get the 'legend' model which has a decorative strip down the middle. 


Apart from the awesome aesthetics of this helmet, the Ghost has so much to offer for an open faced helmet. The build quality is fantastic, as you would expect when you're buying a Caberg, and it offers great protection and comfort for the rider. If you plan on racing around at high speeds, this helmet probably isn't for you, since it won't protect your face in an accident. If you want an internal sun visor, unfortunately, the Ghost won't be sufficient. If you're looking to buy a good quality open faced motorbike helmet, you can't go wrong with the Caberg Ghost.