Caberg Stunt Review

               Date Reviewed - January 2019                             Reviewed by - Sarah                                             Price - £90-130

Caberg’s new Stunt motorcycle helmet is a fantastic full-face helmet. Caberg have not compromised on essential features in order to achieve a very affordable price. The price of this helmet is between £90-£130 which puts it in the lowest price bracket. Despite that, this motorbike helmet has an impressive angular appearance, perfectly comfortable fit, easy to use dual visor system and plenty of ventilation to name just a few of its great features. Apart from a couple of minor negatives, considering its price the Caberg Stunt it is surprisingly brilliant.


The Stunt comes ECE 22.05 approved, and earned itself a score of 2 stars out of five on its SHARP test. This shouldn’t be a factor that deters you from any positives that this motor helmet has. The Stunt’s shell is made out of a material called polycarbonate which is one of the most common materials used for motor helmets. It's lightweight, tough and is essential to protect your head from an accident. 

The Stunt incorporates the use of a ratchet buckle under the chin area that allows you to set the strap to the level of tightness that you require, therefore adding more protection when the motor helmet is worn. The quick release buckle function means you can fasten and unfasten the latch even with gloves on! The Stunt also comes in two shell sizes and sizes XS-XXL. 


There is a vent located on the chin area of the Stunt, which enables air to circulate around the helmet. This is beneficial for the rider as it prevents the visor from steaming up. There’s nothing worse than having a steamed up visor, especially while you’re on the road! By pressing the panel down, you can open and close the vent. Especially in the hotter months, having good circulation around any motorbike helmet helps keep you cool and limits the amount of steam that can potentially fog up the visor. With this being said, when it does come to the colder months, the vents situated under the visor pivot points means that there will be a large amount of cold air coming through.

You shouldn’t let something like this put you off the Stunt since it has a lot more positive factors to offer. Consider wearing something like a balaclava to help limit the amount of air that enter the vents to prevent your face getting cold. Not forgetting the vents at the top and at the front of the helmet, they can be opened and closed, in order to let in a decent supply of air.


Since the Caberg Stunt is a full face helmet, the visor provides resistance against any form of impact and is shatter proof, if you were to get into any form of road accident. The visor can be extended from the top of the helmet, in a drop down shield, which is common for a lot of motor helmets.  Plus, it can be easily locked into the chin area from the thumb screws and the tabs on the side. In order to limit the amount of condensation that is emitted into the helmet, the Stunt works with the use of the Pinlock technology. This also helps to improve the rider’s vision on the road, being especially useful during the night-time.

One special feature on the Stunt, is the use of an integrated sun visor, which is controlled by flipping the switch located under the left visor pivot point. This makes it easier to reach and it can be used even when the motorbike gloves are on. Not only is the outer shell of the Caberg Stunt scratch resistant, the sun visor is too. If you do eventually decide on replacing your visor, the pinlock system allows you to do this smoothly and quickly.

Wind Noise

The use of excess padding within the Stunt helps minimise the noise whilst riding, but there is a slight whistle that can be heard if you are travelling over 35mph. Like we mentioned previously, some vents can be closed, but some remain open, which would mean more wind getting through. As there are many located around the Stunt, this doesn’t call for the best recipe when it comes to minimising the noise. But there are always ways around this. How about looking into wearing earplugs, to help reduce the overall sound pressure?  Earplugs would be beneficial for the rider, especially for longer distances on the road.

Appearance and Comfort

Keeping it classic with either Matte Black or Gloss White outer shell, the prices start at £90 and will be slightly more money for the graphic designs (£130). If you are after a sleek look for a motorbike helmet, the Caberg Stunt has this aesthetic. What also makes the Stunt stand out is the aerodynamic design, which assists the motorcyclist to move effectively through high speeds.

The extra lining within this helmets gives the wearer more comfort when it is on the head. Cheek pads are also incorporated inside the helmet for both comfort and protection. The Stunt gives you the option of being able to remove the lining so it can be cleaned easily. It is important to consider the hygiene aspect when it comes to being able to clean the helmet regularly, more so when it gets to those hotter months!

Weighing in at 1,450g for the smaller sized helmets (and increasing the weight depending on the sizes) the Caberg Stunt doesn’t come in as being the lightest helmet on the market. But considering there is a sun visor built in, it's a pretty standard weight.


The Caberg Stunt is the perfect example of how it is possible to design a low budget full-face motorbike helmet that covers all bases. The £90-£130 price includes excellent comfort levels, anti-scratch, UV and Pinlock visors, an aerodynamic, fully ventilated frame plus ultimate ease in usability which is not something even the more expensive motorbike helmets can claim! It’s a real feat accomplished by Caberg and a must have if you’re looking for a low budget, full-face motorcycle helmet. The Caberg Stunt definitely deserves an overall 8 out of 10 rating.