Caberg Tourmax Review

        Date Reviewed - January 2019                                            Reviewed by - Ella                                                       Price - £150-200

Being the world’s very first flip-up dual sport helmet, the Caberg Tourmax is not your average flip front motorcycle helmet. Boasting its own Double Visor Tech System as well as Caberg’s traditionally solid and reliable design, Caberg have crafted a helmet that manages to be packed full of interesting features, while still functioning effectively in key areas. While it’s not quite perfect, at a price of around £150-250 you will be hard pressed to find many helmets that are as good value for money than the Caberg Tourmax.


At this point we shouldn’t be surprised by Caberg delivering another motorcycle helmet that excels in arguably any helmet’s most important attribute: safety. The Caberg Tourmax, which has its own LG Chem High Impact ABS plastic shell, is yet another Caberg product that has a SHARP safety rating of 5/5, ranking it in the safest 15% of all motorcycle helmets that have received testing.

As a flip front helmet, the Tourmax is dual-homologated, meaning that it is safe for use in open-face mode as well as full-face. The Caberg Tourmax has a chin bar that is designed to absorb impact without transferring any force to the face of the rider. Not only that, but the chin guard can be lifted to put the helmet in open-face mode, which is a great feature for people that occasionally like to have the front of the helmet up and open. During SHARP tests it was found that the chin guard stayed fully down and locked in 87% of tests. While this is not a perfect score and could put off some people that are unsure about flip front helmets, there are many helmets that are much less reliable, and those who enjoy the freedom of a helmet are unlikely turn their nose up at an 87% success rate!

When pushed up fully, you may find that returning the Tourmax to full-face mode is slightly difficult, given that releasing the chin bar involves pushing a catch on the other side of the helmet. This makes releasing the chin bar a two-hand job which may be quite hard while wearing the helmet. This is a necessary drawback that comes from Caberg designing a helmet packed with so many design features. Fundamentally though, the Caberg Tourmax is an exceptionally well-designed and reliable motorcycle helmet that should make every rider that wears it, feel safe.


In terms of ventilation, the Caberg Tourmax only has two vents in the chin and forehead, yet these are enough to take in sufficient amounts of air. The vent in the chin is constantly open, allowing air to flow to the back of the face shield. In theory, having chin guard that is always open, could cause problems in cold weather, however no criticisms of this nature have yet been reported.

 Airflow is maintained in the Tourmax through channels in the EPS liner, which features ventilation holes that help to keep the head cool. For whatever reason, the Caberg Tourmax features no rear exhaust vents, which could potentially limit the helmet’s air flow in warmer weather. However, there are no glaring and obvious issues with the Tourmax’s ventilation system, which ticks all the necessary boxes.

It is clear that Caberg have decided to keep things relatively simple when it comes to ventilation and focused most of their efforts on other aspects of the Tourmax’s design. In freezing cold temperatures or extreme heat, you may find the ventilation of the Caberg Tourmax to be slightly lacking, but in most typical climates for riding, you are unlikely to uncover any major issues and you should be satisfied.


A good visor is an integral feature of any motorcycle helmet. For a flip front helmet that can be modified to operate in both full-face and open-face modes, this is especially true. Both the peak and the visor of the Caberg Tourmax can be flipped up along with the chin-bar, which basically creates an open-face helmet. Thankfully, the flip-up visor doesn’t feel at all flimsy, and always leaves the rider feeling secure.

The Double Visor Tech System of the Tourmax also features a clear anti-scratch outer visor which can be opened using a single tab on the bottom of the helmet. Not only that, but the Caberg Tourmax also comes with an anti-fog Pinlock visor which prevents their being any issues with fogging up when breathing inside the helmet.

Any good motorcycle helmet requires a good visor so that there aren’t issues when it comes to vision. The Caberg Tourmax offers a fantastic vertical view that exceeds the usual vision offered by a flip up helmet. However, when the visor and peak are closed, there is a slightly narrow aperture, leading to a somewhat restricted peripheral vision. This may not be too ideal when riding at high speeds, which is something that you may have to limit.

Wind Noise

For any flip-up helmet, the issue of wind noise is inevitably going to be difficult to prevent. The Caberg Tourmax implements features that strive to minimise the impact of wind noise, but that doesn’t mean that wind noise is not an issue. The Tourmax does have very good aerodynamics, which reduces buffeting and turbulence.

However, with a moving chin guard, noise levels in a flip front helmet are always going to be somewhat higher than those of a full-face helmet. The neck collar has cheek pads fitted to it that can seal in noise as long as the chin guard is in the down position. Even so, wind noise could prove to be an annoyance when you start to ride faster.

If you’re planning to ride long distances, it is advisable to make sure you have some ear plugs handy, as any high speeds could lead to increased noise levels. This is the case for many dual-sport helmets though, and noise levels could have been much worse had it not been for Caberg’s best efforts in minimising turbulence.

Appearance and Comfort

Just like most helmets from the Italian brand, the Caberg Tourmax is an exceptionally well-designed product, and most of the time all the different parts work very smoothly. Caberg also does not compromise comfort for function, as the Tourmax is mostly very comfortable for most head types. interior is made up of a hypoallergenic EPS liner that is both removable and washable, making the Tourmax suitable for riding in hotter temperatures. There is a micrometric fastener installed on the helmet, which can be locked by sliding a small bar and unlocked by pulling on a little red tab.

Wearers of glasses should have no issues with the Tourmax, which provides not only a comfortable fit while wearing glasses, but good ventilation if the weather is wet. While the helmet comes in sizes XS-XL, it only has one shell size, which may result in the shell appearing too big for anyone with a size XS head. The helmet should fit quite tight around the head, which is why there may be an issue for those with a much smaller head.

A size large Caberg Tourmax weighs 1775 grams, which is especially impressive given that there is an additional peak and visor on the helmet. Caberg have done exceptionally well at making the helmet as lightweight as possible, even though the Tourmax is packed with additional design features that you would expect to add much more to the weight. One of these features is Caberg’s traditional ‘Just Speak’ Bluetooth audio system, which is a nice bonus for those who like to listen to something while they ride.


All in all, if you’re looking for a dependable, multi-functional motorcycle helmet that doesn’t require you to spend an insane amount of money, there is no way you can go wrong with the Caberg Tourmax.

With a 5/5 SHARP safety rating, you can expect absolute reliability from the Tourmax. Not only that, but the flip front nature of the helmet makes it extra versatile for those who like to get some fresh air during their ride. While there may be a few issues in terms of vision and wind noise that may prevent you from being able to ride at high speeds, at a price of around £150-250, there aren’t many affordable motorcycle helmets that are quite as well-rounded as the Caberg Tourmax.