HJC IS-17 Review

Date reviewed - November 2018                                        Reviewed by - Ella                                                       Price - £100-200

HJC is one of the largest motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world and since testing the IS-17, we can see exactly why. The IS-17 is HJC's new and improved version of the IS-16 and it's already been proven to be a success with motorbike owners across the globe. Scoring a fantastic 5 stars in the SHARP safety testing, this helmet is certainly going to fulfil it's purpose of protecting your head, whilst providing you with a good looking, streamlined design.


This helmet is one of the safest helmets on the market at the minute, so it's pretty special. The outer shell is made of 'advanced polycarbonate' which is known for being super tough. The inside of the helmet is made from expanded polystyrene foam to cushion your head from impacts, so this helmet will be one of the best to protect your head if an accident were to happen. It has a removable, odour free and anti-bacterial lining which is really effective for those hot summer days of riding. 

This helmet has been SHARP tested and it received an outstanding 5 stars! This means it's one of the safest helmets on the market which is a huge selling point for the IS-17, especially since the helmet is around the £100-200 price point. Considering there are only 56 helmets SHARP have rated 5 stars, it's a pretty impressive statistic for motorbike helmet buyers. If you're looking for a helmet to keep you protected, whilst staying on a budget, you can't get much better than a HJC IS-17.


Since this helmet has a large sun visor, there's not much room for an eyebrow vent. This may seem an issue for some motor bikers however HJC have considered this issue and come up with a fantastic solution.

An integral breath deflector has been installed in this helmet to keep breath away from your visor, and the riders face. This feature is useful both during winter and summer, to keep your face cool and to prevent misting in the cold weather. The IS-17 comes with a large central chin vent and a crown vent with sliders to open and close the vents (with gloves on!) when needed. The IS-17 has been designed to take in the air, and move humidity out the back of the helmet.

Some owners have complained that the vents let a little air in sometimes when they're closed, meaning the it can get quite draughty and noisy. However,  many owners haven't experienced the issue, and praise the helmet on it's ventilation levels, so it's probably something you need to try for yourself.


The IS-17 quick release visor comes pinlock ready with an anti-scratch coating so if you do happen to drop your helmet, it shouldn't scratch easily. It also comes with a sun visor which is really easy to use if the sun begins to glare whilst you're riding. The sun visor operates by using a slider and button mechanism and provides a 3 level tint to block the sun at all levels.This means that the visor will block out glare from the sun however the visor won't be too dark that you can't see the road.

Clearly HJC have worked hard to perfect the visor for the IS-17. The Rapid Fire 2 visor removal system is something that's definitely worth mentioning, to remove the visor, simply push the lever below the visor pivot and the visor will release. To attach the visor back to the helmet, push it into place until you hear a slight click. It's super easy and simple to use which is a huge selling point for any motorbike helmet.

Wind Noise

Wind Noise for the IS-17 is fairly quiet however it's a subjective topic to comment on. Some wind enters around the sides of the helmets but due to the helmet fitting pretty tight, noise levels are kept low. If wind noise is a huge issue whilst you're wearing this helmet, invest in some good quality earplugs (particularly if you're travelling long distance) and you won't come across any problems.

The helmet has a large amount of space behind the chin guard to fit earphones and a microphone so if you wanted to listen to music or chat to someone whilst you're riding, you've got the option to.

Appearance and Comfort

The Supercool moisture wicking interior helps to keep the rider comfortable and ventilated whilst on long journeys. The IS-17 is available in sizes XS to 2XL and comes in several solid colors, as well as several different graphics if you want something a bit different. The crown and cheek pads are fully removable and machine washable so they're pretty easy for you to clean if they do get a little smelly!!

The helmet itself is very comfortable and you can ride it all day without encountering any problems or pressure points. If you wear glasses, the IS-17 has a built in glasses groove so you can wear your glasses without any discomfort. It's got a double D fastener and comes ACU gold approved so you can use the IS-17 on the track, as well as the road. 


Considering this helmet gained 5 out of 5 stars in the SHARP test, you really can't go wrong with it. Particularly since the price is only £100-200 at the time of writing, it's half the price of the average 5 star SHARP rated helmet. It's sleek, streamlined, comes with a free pinlock anti-fog insert and a 1 year HJC warranty too. HJC are known for creating great quality helmets and you will definitely find quality with the HJC IS-17.