Scorpion ADX-1 Review

Date Reviewed - January 2019                                     Reviewed by - Eleanor                                            Price - £200 -250

There is a lot of hype around the Scorpion ADX-1 and for good reason. We will pull apart the positive and negative features of this new flip-front adventure helmet, to help you understand exactly what it has to offer. At a cost of between £150 and £250 (depending on extras and finish), the model has a surprising number of great features such as its lightweight yet strong composition, excellent ventilation solutions, successful noise management and fantastic finish options. With most retailers offering price matching and a 5 year warranty (although not if you have chosen the wrong size) this seems like a very logical option for your first or next helmet.


The most important factor when choosing a motorcycle helmet is of course the safety factor. The Scorpion ADX-1 is EN 22.05 certified so you can rest assured that you are well protected in the case of an accident. Luckily, its industry leading lightweight Advanced LG Polycarbonate/ABS shell developed exclusively by Scorpion, means it doesn’t sacrifice weight in order to protect your head from any level of impact. It also uses a micro-metric chin fastener strap which means the helmet will stay securely on the riders head.

Many people have concerns when buying a flip-front helmet, due to the lack of protection around the facial area. The ADX-1 has EPS padding around the chin bar area, so it provides more support for the riders face if an accident were to happen.


For a motorbiker, ventilation is particularly important, in order to avoid potentially extreme discomfort from a range of weather conditions as you travel through varying climates. The Scorpion ADX-1 does not disappoint in this area, with its aero-tuned ventilation system including a dual position mouth vent, large intake port at the top of the helmet, deep air flow channels, and 2 large rear exhaust vents. This advanced system helps to minimise mist; allowing a distraction free and safe journey whether you are travelling long distance cross country or just commuting. Furthermore, the Scorpion ADX-1 has the added benefit of a removable visor and extra wide viewing port, allowing for the use of most brands of goggles if you really want that open-air experience.


Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Scorpion ADX-1 model is its visibility features. To begin with, it has a clear, oversized eye port creating an excellent field of view, which adds to its safety features as well as your enjoyment of your surroundings while adventuring. The integral sun visor, carefully thought out by the manufacturer, allows for this additional space. The sun visor itself uses moisture absorbing pinlock lens technology which ensures the visor stays clear at all times. The main visor benefits from an anti-fog coating and approved UV proctetion to protect your eyes from the glaring sun. Additionally, the visor has an anti-scratch, hardened coating which helps keep maintenance costs down as well as ensuring full visibility while on the road. Last but not least, the Scorpion ADX-1 boasts an external peak sun visor; a rare and extremely useful addition. Not only does it help to shield the riders eyes from the sun, it means no more using your hands to create shade; avoiding signalling confusion for other bikers and motorists and allowing you full use of both of the bike’s handles, which obviously has safety benefits! Many of these parts on the Scorpion ADX-1 are removable, including the peak, creating a very versatile model that you can adapt to your individual needs.

Wind Noise

Unlike its other features, wind noise is an area where the Scorpion ADX-1 does not excel quite as far. With a couple of its owners mentioning some wind noise during use, however they have concluded that it can be remedied in most circumstances by the use of ear plugs. For example, when all parts are in place such as the visor being down and secured, it is much quieter. The helmet has been tested in an air tunnel and deemed satisfactory by Scorpion which should in itself be testament to its high quality. The aerodynamic design of the Scorpion ADX-1 ensures that noise levels are kept to a minimum.

Appearance and Comfort

The Scorpion ADX-1 is second to none in its striking finishes, ranging from sleek ‘Matte Black’ to the more rugged camouflage style ‘Battleflage Black Sand’. The shape of the helmet, especially with the external peak attached is impressive and stylish. The visors however, only come in one colour which some may see as a disadvantage.  Despite the helmet incorporating space for glasses with the positioning of its cheek pads, and communication system speaker pockets, it does lack room overall and many find it advantageous to opt for a larger size than usual to avoid discomfort. Luckily, there are three shell sizes to choose from so you'll be able to find the perfect fit for your head shape. Having a helmet that fits your head perfectly is an absolute essential when buying a motorbike helmet, so keep this in mind when you're trying it on.

When it comes to pulling up at a fuel station, the Scorpion ADX-1 has you covered, with a quick release strap and lift-up chin guard making removal quick and easy. Despite the ADX-1's durability and strength, the helmet is lightweight at approximately 1.6kg. For some, appearance is important, so it certainly helps that the Scorpion ADX-1 is a great looking helmet. Furthermore, it's easy to clean, and it doesn't leak, which is extremely useful while adventuring in all weather conditions. The lining of the helmet is a KwickWick2 liner, which is removable, washable and anti-microbial, which again, adds to the ease of cleaning it. The KwickWick2 liner is also very comfortable and plush, so if you're wearing this helmet for a long journey, your head will be protected as well as comfy.


In conclusion, despite some negatives such as the smaller sizing and the noise disruption, the Scorpion ADX-1 shines amongst its competitors. With advantages such as a great safety rating, excellent ventilation system and numerous visibility enhancements it truly is a fantastic helmet. At such an affordable price, it an obvious choice if you're looking for a reliable flip-front helmet. If you’re starting out on your next adventure, you can’t go wrong with this flip-front adventure helmet, which deserves a strong 7 out of 10 rating.