Scuberth C3 Pro Review

         Date Reviewed - January 2019                                    Reviewed by - Ella                                                      Price - £350-450

For many years, Schuberth have been known to produce fantastic quality motorbike crash helmets, and the C3 Pro is no exception. The C3 had a few flaws and issues however Schuberth have clearly put a considerable amount of thought and effort, into improving it and turning it into the new and improved C3 Pro. This helmet shows why Schuberth have such an excellent reputation, due to the outstanding build quality and design of the C3 Pro. The C3 was initially criticised for its painful shape and thin padding, however, Schuberth have taken on the criticism and improved the helmet drastically, to live up to the title 'Pro'.


Like most great modern helmets on the market, the C3 Pro is made with fibreglass composite glass shell. This means it will still be lightweight (and therefore comfortable for the rider) yet durable during an accident. It gained an average 3/5 stars on the SHARP test however it performed poorly on the impact test (both side and rear of the helmet), which is pretty disappointing for such a costly helmet. Therefore it obviously won't perform as well for safety, as a helmet which scores 5/5 on the SHARP test. That said, most flip-front helmets encounter issues with keeping the chin guard closed. It's reported that the C3 Pro's chin guard actually stayed shut for 97% of impacts, which is impressive for a flip-front helmet.

Since the C3 Pro is made with optically correct visors, your vision should (hopefully!) be pristine. It also has a micro-metric chin strap which will keep the helmet on your head tightly.


The C3 Pro has two vents, one on the chin and the other on the top of the helmet, both are reasonably easy to use and manoeuvre. Schuberth claim that they improved the ventilation of this helmet, since the C3 was known for its poor ventilation system. A large amount of air (9 litres of air every second at 62mph) comes through the top vent and through the EPS liner which helps to keep the head cool during long rides. Unfortunately, the bottom chin vent isn't as effective since a small amount of air can get through, it isn't very effective at all. The absence of a rear exhaust vent system is evident with the C3 Pro since this would really help to pull air through the helmet and prevent the riders head getting hot and sweaty. If you buy a good quality pinlock, your visor shouldn't steam up due to poor ventilation, or, you could just use the pinlock which comes free with the helmet.


Schuberth have thought carefully about their visor and this is shown in the use of their double glazing technology. This means you won't have any condensation issues which is ideal for the rider while on long journeys. The C3 Pro comes with two visors, a clear external visor and a drop-down sun visor. The main visor is 'optical class 1' which means Schuberth have created it to be distortion free and clear. If you haven't tried an optical class 1 visor, you should. Most people comment that they are noticeably better than your average motorbike helmet visor and improve visibility massively.

The internal sun visor works pretty well, made with polycarbonate materials, this anti-scratched coated visor will definitely protect your eyes from the sun. If you need to drop the sun visor down, just slide the button on the lower left of the lid. This is easy to do even if you're wearing motorbike gloves!  The C3 Pro also comes with a pinlock anti-fog insert which works effectively at reducing fog building inside the helmet.

Wind Noise

If you're one of those bikers who hate loud wind noise in your helmet, the C3 Pro should be at the top of your list. One of the C3 Pro's major selling points is that it's one of the quietest motorbike helmets in the world. This helmet certainly proves that Schuberth's wind tunnel testing is working and helping them produce quiet helmets! If you keep the chin curtain attached with the vents closed, the helmet will be extremely quiet. The C3 Pro also has turbulators, small triangles which are supposed to reduce wind noise and whistling. However, if you have the vents open or remove the chin curtain, you should expect a little more noise to be heard due to wind getting trapped in the helmet. 

Some riders have even suggested that you don't need to use earplugs while you're wearing this helmet. Flip-front helmets are known for being a little more noisy than full faced helmets so if you want a really quiet helmet, try a full faced helmet instead. 

Appearance and Comfort

Schuberth received a bit of criticism for the thin padding in the C3, so of course, they improved it for the C3 Pro. The inner padding is made out of a thicker, and higher quality material than the C3 and therefore, it's a lot comfier for the rider to wear, especially for long periods. The C3 had a few issues, with many customers complaining that the pressure points on the forehead were quite painful. Schuberth clearly listened and improved this for the C3 Pro and the helmet shape is much better. The use of COOLMAX technology panels help to regulate temperature and wick away sweat too, perfect for summer. The C3 Pro weighs around 1.5kg which is relatively lightweight for a flip-front helmet, this means you shouldn't encounter any neck problems if you're wearing this motorbike helmet on a long journey.

The internal materials are also Oeko-Tek approved which means the fabric does not contain any harmful substances. If you have particularly sensitive skin or are worried about what fabrics are used, this might be the perfect helmet for you. Like most helmets, the insides are fully removable and machine-washable, so don't worry about having to clean it. Since the C3 Pro is aimed at sports riders, it's got a pretty streamlined design with some cool graphics to choose from too (if you want to spend a little more money!) Schuberth puts each helmet through a spraying process multiple times before the primer, paint, and varnish are ready for the graphics to be applied onto the helmet. If you're looking for a helmet which is available in lots of different colours and designs, the C3 Pro might be perfect for you.

It's available in fitment sizes XXS to XXXL so you'll find one that fits you perfectly however Schuberth have only created this helmet in two shell sizes, which is a little disappointing.


The C3 Pro comes with a generous 5 year warranty, 2 visors and a pinlock. It's built with quality materials, and you can truly feel the quality while you're wearing the helmet. If you're a woman and you're worried about the fit of this helmet, Schuberth have you covered. They even sell the C3 Pro with a better fit for female face shapes! The C3 Pro may be a little expensive, but if you're willing to spend a little bit extra on your motorbike helmet, you'll get high quality in return.