Shark S900 Review

Date reviewed - December 2018

Reviewed by - Ella

Price - £100-200

Shark have three main motorbike helmet product lines, the Shark S900 motorbike helmet is one of Sharks most popular helmets from the Sports Touring range. This full faced helmet made with thermoplastic resin will definitely keep you protected on the road. It comes with three air vents to keep you well ventilated, as well as a sun visor to use on sunny days. This full faced helmet by Shark comes in a range of different colours and styles and priced at £100-200, you can't go wrong with this motorbike helmet.


Like most helmets, the Shark S900 has undergone SHARP testing and gained a very high rating of 4 stars. It's also been DOT and ECE 22.05 approved so you can be sure this will fully protect your head.

The helmet shell is made from an injected thermoplastic resin which essentially means that the Shark S900 helmet will be super lightweight, but also strong enough to protect your head in an accident. Thermoplastics have been used for multiple different types of equipment as well as helmets, that need to be lightweight yet tough. It also features a density polystyrene impact absorber which allows for better shock absorption qualities, which works much better than normal polystyrene.

Like all Shark helmets, the S900 also comes with a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects, so you're covered if you were to find a fault within your helmet.


The S900 has three air vents : two on the top of the helmet, and one chin vent. The rider has the option of either wearing the vents opened or closed, and they're pretty easy to manoeuvre. The lower vent is easiest to move, even with motorbike gloves on as you will hear a loud click, once the vent is closed. The chin vent works well and allows a constant flow of air over the visor to prevent mist forming. The chin bar has two air passageways, located on either side of the mouth, which works really well to provide ventilation to the face.

However, the two vents on the top of the helmet consist of two narrow strips which means not much air can get into the helmet. This isn't a huge issue but in the hot summer weather, it can get a bit sweaty at times. The ventilation of the S900 helmet is not outstanding however for the price, it's expected.


The visor on a motorbike helmet is one of the most important features, and the Shark S900 comes with a fantastic visor.

Visors can be quite easy to scratch if you don't care for your helmet properly, however the S900 has got you covered. It comes with a 2.2mm anti-scratch visor coated with an anti-scratch treatment, to ensure your vision is always clear from dents and scratches. The visor provides the rider with all-round vision as well as its fantastic optical quality. Removing the visor, as with most Shark helmets is pretty easy, so if you need to clean it, it won't be a mammoth task.

The visor comes pinlock ready, which is perfect for riders who frequently use pinlocks to prevent mist building up. Since the ventilation in the S900 isn't great, having a pinlock may be a good idea if you're worried about steaming up whilst you're on the road.

The Shark S900 also comes with a built in sun visor, a key feature of this helmet. This means riders don't have to carry a spare visor with them when the sun is glaring. The sun visor is super easy to use, all you need to do is pull the lever on the side of the helmet to use. The lever to control the sun visor is quite small, meaning it can be quite fiddly to move, especially if you have motorbike gloves on but you'll get the hang of it.

The visor opens and closes easily and fits well against the seal. Shark have clearly given some thought to people who wear glasses too, ensuring there is a large gap between the sides and the visor.

Wind Noise

Finding a helmet that completely eliminates all wind noise is virtually impossible and wind noise on the Shark S900 is not one of its best selling points. Some people complain of a large amount of wind noise, whereas others say they can't hear anything, so you really have to try the helmet for yourself. 

If you're the type of biker who normally wears earplugs whilst you're riding, you won't have an issue with this. 

Appearance and Comfort

The Shark S900 comes in a wide range of different designs and colours, from matte black, to glow in the dark! Finding a design that you like, won't be a challenge with Sharks large range of colours. It's a fairly lightweight helmet due to the materials it's made from, weighing in at around 1.5kg. Considering it has a sun visor too, the weight of the Shark S900 is pretty impressive. Having a helmet which is lightweight is a really important factor most people look for when buying a new helmet. This is because if you have a heavy helmet, your head and neck can feel pretty tired after a long ride, which could lead to a number of different problems.

The interior of the Shark S900 is fully removable, made with micro-fibre fabric making it extremely plush and well built. It uses the quick fastener strap which is really easy to open and close, even with motorbike gloves on.

The S900 fits snug to the head without any pressure points so it's a pretty comfortable helmet


The S900 proves that you don't have to have a huge budget to be able to get a decent helmet. Although there are some pitfalls in this helmet, it's pretty good for the price. Most helmets at this price-point won't come with a sun visor so you should definitely check the S900 out if you're looking for a new helmet.