Shoei Neotec Review

               Date Reviewed - January 2019                                       Reviewed by - Ella                                                               Price - £350 - 500

Shoei have created the Neotec to be the quietest and safest flip-up helmet on the market. As you'd expect from a prestigious brand like Shoei, the helmet is built with quality materials, such as the fibreglass shell, built to protect your head in a crash. It's got outstanding ventilation, a fantastic internal sun visor and pretty low noise levels, what more can you want from a flip-up helmet?! The Neotec is priced at £350-500 depending on the design and paintwork of the helmet so if you want to get a better looking lid, you should expect to pay more money.


As you'd expect with any Shoei helmet, the Neotec performs well in safety tests, gaining an impressive 4 out of 5 in the SHARP test. SHARP mentioned in the report that the chin guard stayed closed in 93% of impacts, which is a pretty impressive stat for a flip helmet. Many people have concerns about buying a flip-up helmet but you can rest assured, Shoei won't let you down.

Like the Shoei NXR, it's made from AIM technology (layers of fibreglass ) so it'll protect your head well from any impact. It comes with a micrometric fastener so it's easy to use and will ensure the helmet stays on your head tightly. The fastener is even made from stainless steel rather than a flimsy plastic, which helps prevent breakage under pressure. Shoei have also incorporated a 360 Pivot Locking System made out of steel, to ensure the lid stays shut, increasing safety for the rider.


Ventilation on a flip-up helmet is not always great, however Shoei have learnt this and improved their helmets ventilation. The Neotec features two vents, one on the chin, and the other on the top of the helmet. The top vent is designed to both take air in, and let it out to prevent shield fogging. However, its primary function is to force cool air into the interior of the helmet. To open the top vent, there is a large, simple slider which means it's quick to close or open in an emergency, even if you're wearing motorbike gloves!!

The ventilation system works well for the Neotec but not well enough that the rider won't need a pinlock for when the weather is cold. If you want to be sure your visor won't steam up, we recommend buying a pinlock, no matter what helmet you buy. The chin curtain works effectively to ventilate the helmet however if you wear a mic whilst riding, it can get in the way a little. This can be fixed quickly by re-positioning the chin curtain. 


Shoei are famous for their outstanding visors, often calling them 'shields' instead of visors! The Neotec comes with UV protection coating, it's also anti-fog and anti-scratch, so your vision will always be outstanding with this helmet. The Neotec comes with two different visors:  plain and internal sun visor. The normal visor opens by a tab on the left hand side of the visor, so it's easy to take off and attach back onto the helmet. The internal sun visor is a pretty special feature for a motorbike helmet. The sun visor rotates down below the rider's sight which means it's non-distracting, you probably won't even realise you have it on!  

If you're worried about this helmet leaking from the visor, don't be! Shoei have incorporated an auto-sealing system that moves the visor back to the shell when it's fully closed, which prevents any water entering. If you're not already sold by the fantastic visor system that comes with the Neotec, you'll be happy to hear it also comes with a pinlock fog-resistant system, which is one of the best anti-fog systems on the market. You truly are getting a lot for your money from the Neotec!

Wind Noise

For a flip-front helmet, it's pretty quiet, however as with any helmet you can hear wind noise when you're riding at high speeds. If you're really bothered about wind noise, it might be worth checking out full face helmets rather than flip-front, as they tend to be a bit quieter. If you invest in a decent pair of earplugs, you should be good to go. Don't judge a helmet on the amount of wind noise as if it's really bugging you, there are many things you can do to improve it. 

Appearance and Comfort

Like most helmets on the market at the minute, the Neotec's interior is fully removable, washable and multi-layered. If the helmet's interior ever did need cleaning, the Neotec won't give the rider any problems as you can handwash, or machine wash. You can also choose different sizes of cheek pads, Shoei clearly realise riders like different thicknesses for their cheek pads. The Neotec weighs 1691g for the medium sized helmet, so it's an average weight. It's certainly not too heavy that it's uncomfy! Shoei sell the Neotec in sizes XS-XXL, so you'll easily be able to find the perfect fit for your head shape.

If you want a helmet with a bold graphic design, you probably won't get this with a Shoei helmet. The Neotec comes in 3 colours; silver, white and black. If you want to get a design that's a little bolder, you will have to pay the price. Getting a Neotec with the striped design, as shown above, will probably cost around £50. Since the helmet is probably going to cost you around £400 as a starting point, if you wanted to get a better looking helmet, you may as well spend that little extra to find one that you love.

If you're a fan of using Bluetooth connectivity, the Neotec has a few features in place to accommodate this. Removable ear pads allow the rider to fit the speakers into the ear slots, unless you have super large speakers, you shouldn't have any issues fitting them in. If you wear glasses, a flip-front helmet is perfect for you since you can slot them into the notch in the liner, created to stop the glasses pressing into the riders head and causing discomfort.


The Shoei Neotec is a fantastic quality flip-front helmet, and buyers can certainly understand why. If you're looking for a flip-front helmet that will protect you whilst still being stylish and comfy, the Neotec may be the one for you! Flip-front helmets have multiple benefits, such as being able to easily flip your helmet up at a petrol station, rather than having to take it off! If you're riding in the hot weather, the flip-front gives you the opportunity to ride with the helmet flipped up Although the price point of £350-500 (depending on design) may initially put you off, you certainly get what you pay for in regards to quality with the Neotec.