Shoei NXR Review

Date reviewed-November 2018

Reviewed by-Ella

Price- £300-400

When it comes to buying motorbike gear, your most important piece of kit will definitely be your helmet. Having a helmet which is comfortable yet protective can be difficult to find, which is why we've created this review to help you out. The Shoei NXR full faced motorbike helmet is one of Shoei's most popular helmets and you can definitely see why. The NXR is famous for its sleek, streamlined design along with the fantastic level of protection that it provides.

As with many Shoei helmets, the quality of the NXR is outstanding. Built with some of the best materials available, it's no surprise this helmet is highly-priced. If you're looking for a lightweight, full face sports helmet this helmet may be the perfect choice for you.


The Shoei NXR gained an impressive 4 stars in the SHARP safety test, as well as being ECE 22.05 and ACU Gold approved. The outer shell of this helmet is made with Shoei's AIM technology (Advanced Integrated Matrix). AIM is essentially made up of a mixture of different glass fibres and polyester resin to create a light, yet strong outer shell. This means that due to the fibres levels of elasticity, greater impacts can be absorbed by the helmet.

The inside of the helmet has multiple levels of density which will also help to absorb large impacts. The inside padding has an EPS liner, with the denser materials on the outer edge of the helmet and the lower density materials, closer to the riders head for protection.

The Shoei Emergency Quick Release System is a key feature of this helmet and can really benefit you if you were to have an accident. After having a motorbike accident, you can actually worsen your injuries by removing your helmet. Removing a helmet can be quite a task anyway, and if you're distorted or unconscious, removing a helmet can certainly do more harm than good. Having the Shoei release system on this helmet means that if you were to crash, your helmet can be removed much easier by pulling two tabs under the helmet to remove the cheek pads. Once the cheek pads are removed, it should be much easier to take the helmet off and will hopefully avoid any further injury. The Shoei NXR is easy to clean and easy to remove especially if you were to be involved in a car accident.


Ventilation is a very important factor in full faced helmets as it can be pretty dangerous if your visor were to get steamed up whilst riding. Luckily, the Shoei NXR helmet has multiple areas of ventilation under the chin, at the back of the helmet and forehead. 

The forehead vent (shown below) works really well to direct the air across the visor, preventing steam building up. If the weather's a little colder, the vents can be opened and closed if you don't want any air to get in and they're pretty easy to move, even with motorbike gloves on!  Underneath the aerodynamic spoiler, there are exit vents which pull the warm out of the helmet.


Possibly the most important part of the helmet is the visor. The Shoei NXR visor its pretty thick and sturdy it also allows the rider to have a wide peripheral vision which is imperative for a good helmet. It also comes with a pinlock insert to avoid misting during the cold weather. The visor fits tightly into the helmet which eliminates draught, even in the cold, winter weather.

If you wanted to buy a different visor for the NXR, there are plenty of different types available however it comes with a clear visor. It's also important to note that the NXR comes with a pinlock visor which will prevent steam building up inside your motorbike helmet.

Visor removal and replacement is exceptional on the NXR. Normally, removing a visor to clean it can be stressful, however the Shoei NXR allows you to do it effortlessly. Shoei use a quick release system which makes removing the visor, a simple task. If you're out riding often and like to keep the visor clean, this helmet is perfect for you. Simply pull the release tab on both sides and the visor will pop off.

Wind Noise

The Shoei NXR is impressively quiet once the visor is fully closed. Shoei have wind-tunnel tested all of their helmets for a while and the NXR has certainly passed the test. The helmet itself is pretty aerodynamic making it great for speed as well as reduced wind noise. The Shoei NXR has some foam ear pads fitted into the helmet to try and reduce wind noise, and they certainly work! Furthermore, the padding on the sides and cheek guards also help reduce the amount of noise getting in. Shoei as a brand are pretty good at reducing wind noise however you'll definitely still need to ride with earplugs in!

Appearance and comfort

The NXR comes in a range of different colours and patterns, so you'll be sure to find a style you like. In terms of the design, it's a pretty simple helmet, from a shape perspective, it's sleek and streamlined. The interior is fully removable and washable, so it's super easy and quick to clean. The NXR uses a few different materials for comfort, but also to increase sweat absorption. It's also got the EPS liner for shock absorbance, as mentioned before.

It's a lightweight helmet, only weighing 1300g without any extra accessories, which makes it super comfortable when you're out on a long ride.

If you're looking for a helmet with lots of different gizmos and gadgets, this probably isn't the one for you. This helmet certainly focuses on protecting your head, rather than having fancy gadgets.

It comes in four different shell sizes which means you'll definitely be able to find the perfect size for your head. If you order a smaller size helmet you’re not just going to get a bigger shell padded out to make it smaller. This means you're still getting the same amount of protection regardless of what size you wear. The NXR features a Double D ring strap which makes it pretty easy to tighten and remove if you're not wearing gloves.


While the price-tag of £300-400 might seem a little expensive, your motorbike helmet is definitely something you should spend as much as you can afford on. It's a well built helmet, as you would expect from Shoei, made with quality materials and fabrics. It has fantastic safety ratings, it copes well with wind noise and it's comfortable too. It doesn't have any gadgets such as Bluetooth in, but if you're not bothered about that, this helmet is a great choice for your next motorbike helmet.